Industrial aluminum products

We also take pride in our pressers from 500 to 1800 tonnages, and which can manufacture extrusions of most common sections for special electronical, industrial, constructional and decorative projects. Materials can be 6005, 6061 or 6063 with T5 or T6 temper. We also fabricate different designs of aluminum curtain walls, trellis, heat sinks, amplifier panels, lamp grids, motor shells, mountings, rackets and brackets etc.. Our CNC machines allow to processing 12 meters for special and highly precise projects. Different surface treatments for aluminum products to suit customers’ different demands:

1)Finishes(Surface treatments): Mill finished, Anodizing, Powder coating, Wooden grain, Sand blasting, Electrophoresis Spaying and Polishing etc..

2)Fabrications: Cutting, CNC drilling, notching(punching), slots, welding and assembling etc.